Human Develop plan Organization (H.D.P.O.) Hazaribagh Jharkhand Yoga & Naturopathy Awareness & Training. Yoga is the most ancient system of development of the body and the mind. It was country and is being carried out even today. Some say lord Shiva was its innovator. Our ancestors practiced it with remarkable success to maintain good physic and to keep mind tranquil.
Yoga has been an integral part of our pedantic philosophy. Vedas, Upanishads and Ramayana talk about it. Lord Krishna also explained to Arjuna the secret of yoga in the Gita.
The science of yoga was coming down to us from one generation to another by the e word of mouth. Among the earliest sages who contributed in laying the foundation of yoga system was kapil who lived in 700 B.C. he authored samkhya philosophy he was of the opinion that the answer to human problem laid in acquiring samyak. Gyan Proper Knowladge . Men face sorrow, according to Kapil, because they lack proper Knowledge about the Sprit (self) and Prakrity ( natural ) .