Human Develop Organization (H.D.P.O) Workshop at Nouranga Manpur Block in Gaya District Bihar State. Several independent and commissioned studies have pointed out certical gaps in SST inputs in government-sponsored projects. Some of these are mentioned here.
Most of the Self-employment Projects are “highly susceptible to obsolescence and face a high risk of rejection by consumers in favour of branded goods from the Large Scale industry”. The advances made in the space technology as well as information technology should be utilized for designing and monitoring Watershed Programes.
  • Control of brackishness ( reverse osmosis, electro dialysis with solid dissolvent).
  • Eradication of guinea worm ( tube-wells, piped water supply, supply of filters).
  • Removal of excess iron ( iron removal plants).
  • Control of excess fluoride ( treatment method like Nalgonda techniques activated alum).
Tool kits and equipments supplied under Tool kit programme were not very different from the locally available ones. Since they were not perceived to be productive ,the user population did not evince much interest in them.