Human Develop Plan Organization (H.D.P.O) Workshop at Wazirganj Block in Gaya District Bihar State. H D O P Chief Guest was Dr. Nasim Akhtar ( B.H.M.S). The basic objectives of Health and Family Welfare programme, run by OUR SOCIETY are :
  • Develop and implement a community based, low cost primary health care programmer for communities, supported by the partnership of private doctors, & referral services.
  • Reducing the birth rate.
  • Organize effective action oriented health workers, who initiate and manage health care programmer.
  • Train the health workers, for the community.
  • Nutritional feeding, health education and training, Functional literacy and primary health care complement each other.
The Program constituted a range of educational and Preventative activities with a focus on maternal health, family Planning awareness, preventing newborn death, etc. The society conducted educational camps to aware the community on health matters and Providing them basic health tips. It also trained few selected Woman from the community for home visits and care of newborn baby.
  • Availability of trained community level worker at village, with a drug kit for generic ailments.
  • Availability of generic drugs for common ailments at Sub-centre and hospital level.
  • Improved access to Universal Immunization through induction of Audio Disabled Syringes, alternate vaccine delivery and improved mobilization services under the programmer.
  • Improved Outreach services through mobile medical unit at district level.