Human Develop plan Organization (H.D.P.O.) Nawada Bihar . We find that humanity today stands gravely menaced by environmental pollution. The modern man has appeared to be sworn enemy of the flora and fauna, which play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance.
Steps should be taken to contain this treat. First of all, there is need to inculcate in all the people consciousness about the harmful effects of environmental pollution. The awareness programme conducted by us was mainly focused on the theme:
  • Consumption of natural resources to the extent possible .
  • Human activities causing pollution of water bodies, air forests, soil, emission of carbon into atmosphere.
  • Developmental projects affecting environment .
  • Human activities accelerating global warming and cllmate changes
  • Deforestation for developmental activities.
  • Consumption of non-biodegradable materials in every day life .
  • Consumption of energy to reduce pollution and exploitation of nature.

  • All wasted/spent natural resources to reduce their consumption.
  • All used materials with the available technologies .

  • All spent natural resources to reduce more fresh consumption .
  • All materials manufactured with trees/plants for their conservation & to reduce the demand .