Human develop plan organization (H.D.P.O.) organized a drug prevention programed in Samastipur Bihar on the occasion of Nasa Mukti Day on 08/09/2011. The chief guest was Anita Anu programed conducted under the ward Courser. The programed was organized with the objective to aware the youths of the community not to intake drugs or tobacco in any form.
The programed was held under President Ship of chairman-cum-founder SOCIETY who urged the youths in the community to be aware of the disadvantages of Drug abuse and keep it out of their use. The use of psychoactive substances for obtaining relief from emotional tension or physical discomfort or for gaining new experience has been known since time immemorial.
Between three and four per cent of the world’s population regularly consume illegal drugs and the number of countries affected is growing. Intravenous drug use is one of the leading causes of the spread of AIDS with devastating consequences across the globe. The consumption of some new drugs is also increasing especially among young people: criminal organization have no scruples in taking advantage of globalization and technological advances in illicit trading of such substances.
Drugs continue to harm and destroy many human lives. Valuable human and financial resources continue to be diverted away from productive activities. So our society adopting drug control programme to strengthen drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programs.