Human develop plan organization H.D.P.O has been working in the field of social welfare with the idea said by Swami Vivekanand about the education. Contemporary education system is based upon the principle of lord Macaulay, the british academician.
In today's education system moral and religions values are being undermined. The fundamental principles of civiligation are being ignored. Our ideas work on it we are seeking the solution of all the social and global evils through education.
The defect of the present day education is that it has no definite goal to pursue.
The objectives of education in modern time have focused on job oriented & job focused education not based on moral values, attachment to the nation's building, service for the society and the poor.
The youth are inclined toward city's life style. They are isolating themselves from village that they belong to. On the otherhand expanding urbanigation is a big concern for the nation.
Student are not getting any pragmatic knowledge from their text book to deal their common problem of their life. Despete all the effort government is not getting to improve literacy rate of the country. It is still existing only 65%, and the literacy rate of adivas and rural people would be only 30 to 35 percent.
In democratic country like India literacy is a big challange for the government.
It has become indespensible to raise literacy rate in remote area and provide quality education based on moral values and patriotic feeling for the nation.
Lack of positive environment and infrastructure in the village the youth of the village are victimized of social evils like alcohal addiction, gambling criminilism etc.
Many social welfare agencies are working to reform the condition in this field through various social activities and social welfare programme. Lack of health awareness, prevaling corruption in burocarcy has become a great hurdle in uplifitment of the poor section.
H.D.P.O has started programme to provide holistic development to the deprived section of the society. The organization has run Bal Sanskar Centre to provide primary education to the local comminity of the village panchayat.
The organization believe that the social development is uncomplete without imparting education, providing health centre, programme for self dependent by giving vocational training and moral values.
Our aim is to develope harmony among the community by preparing the syllabi based on five valuable objectives of education.
They are health education, vocational courses, moral education, community harmony and value of co-operation for holistic development of the society through matual co-operation with one another.

Mission & Goal (Non Formal Education)
Primary education : We aim of providing the basic education in play way method to the children who are the age of five to fourteen years old in the village by appointing local educated teachers on every sunday under the open sky without taking any fees. We run the school for 3 hrs and provide the syllab including maths language general science, science, art & craft, health, education, yoga etc. We appooint the local people and give them proper training to justice the profession.
Health education : The villagers are ignorant of the basic health care education we educate them how to prevent themselves from water born diseases like malaria, typloid we educate them the importance of sanitation in the village which will prevent them from various problems. Our organization focuses on woman's welfare by educating each and every woman of the village cunducting weekly classes about diarrohea, malaria, Common fever, importance of sanitation, child health care, vaccination, malnutrition etc. We encourage and compaign various activities to promote 'Swach Bharat Abiyan' the dream project of govt. of India. We also promote medicated plants to grow like tulsi alovera etc. and uses of their scientific value. We use poster, chart, stationary material as teaching aids to create teachiing environment. We make first aid box available in each and every village for casual accidents for safety purpose.
Village Development Programme : We are running various projects to encourage agro based industries to strengthen economic condition of the people. We provide training and moral support to the villagers to run own cottage bussiness like dairy poultry and other small scale bussiness. We have also run programme for organic farming and soil protection from chemical mannure. We execute the programme to promote water harvesting, fruits orchard, vegetable farming, herbal farming like tulsi, Alovera, cows urine for kitnashak medicine and many other cottage industries like soap making, Aggarbati, Mashroom farming dairy farming etc.
Self Esteem Programme : We are also running the environmental awareness programme through which people realize their duty towards protection of environment and value of conserving natural resourses. We train people how to protect jungle through their constitulonal rights, culture and tracdition because the nature depend on them. We have also introduced the programme to give information to the villagers about constitution & laws of RTI, Rozagar Gurantec yogena and law for consevation of wild animal and forest.
Employment Programme : Agriculture is the back bone of Indian economy Even today 52% population depend on agriculture for their livelihood. There is a great role of agricultural university and research centre in the evolution of sciencetific farming for yielding crops. There is about 15% contribution of agriculture in India's GDP growth.
There are many aspirants who are willing to work in agro industries with innovative ideas in agricultural sector. Our scientists have shown, innovative and sciencetific methods for cultivation so that the youth could join this field as a carrier. Our organization is playing a major role in this field so that the youth of the village could stay in their home and create opportunity for their livelihod. We have introduced natural seeds based planted paper pen & pencil for plantation & go green programme H.D.P.O self help group (S.H.G) team manufacture natural paper planted seeds pen & pencil & sell them on no profit & no loss theme. Baal sanskar kendra & Rozagarmukhi and vikashmukhi Yogena is working with the help of this preject.
Digital India Programme : The evolution of the computer has shrunk the world in small unit. In the era of globalization the digitiligation has made the people accessible to one part of the other for various purposes and sharing ideas to one another. It is the global integration for coaperation and development. Our efforts to link the people to the internet and the computer education to serve the purpose of the same.
Major Objectives  : To organize and empower poor for equal access and opportunities in the development process.
To make efforts to minimize poverty, exploitation, injustice, illiteracy and superstition from the society.
To create awareness among the people about their health rights and duties. To create livelihood opportunities. To improve community health emphasizing on mother & child health.
Area of Operation :First Phase Bihar & Jharkhand.
Non Formal Education: Desires that every child born in India must get quality education and Primary Health Education and should not remain illiterate. Education Centres are Come soon in Project Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, state.
Target Group : Children (age 05 years to 14 years), women welfare & farmers and villagers.
School Campus : Panchayat private institution or samudayik bhawan.
Children Registration fee : fifty Rs. only
Baal Sanskar Center Project
District Center Nirikshak
Panchayat Center Teacher
Evaluation methods employed :
(a) Quarterly review.
(b) Random field verifications.
(c) Regular observation and interaction with community and project end review.
Non Formal Education : Desires that every child born in India must get quality education and Primary Health Education and should not remain illiterate.
Reporting Plan :
Financial Reports : Organization will be responsible for the management of funds made available under grant and will submit Annul financial reports along with project bank account statement, reconciliation and list of project personnel with Horunem benefits paid. The funding agency may require aditional financial reports.
Programmatic Assessment :
(a) Monitoring :
Organization will follow the following monitoring system :Approved Annual Plans and Budget will be converted into a monthly as well as weekly micro schedule of work for each of the members of the project team. District Coordinator will hold every three months meeting with staffs The basic tools used for work planning and monitoring will be house hold and beneficiaries lists, plan activities, weekly activity reports, Center report District Center Nirikshak will review the weekly/monthly progress and the team will prepare a plan of work for the next week/month.
(b) Evaluation :
Funding will be the responsible for carrying out the evaluation of the project and Organization will provide all necessary cooperation in this regard. The result indicators will be used to evaluate the project achievements.
Project Team :(T & C apply in)
Project team would be consisting of State Project Director, State Project Assistant, District Center Nirikshak, Panchayat Center Teacher.
State Project Director : The necessary qualification for Project Coordinator would be Master Degree & Computer Knowledge in Social Work with at least 3-year experience in working health/reproductive health and nutrition program. (age 25 year to 45 year).
State Project Assistant : The necessary qualification for Project Coordinator would be Master/Bachelor Degree & Computer Knowledge in Social Work with at least 1-year experience in working health/reproductive health and nutrition program. (age 18 year to 40 year).
Distric Center Nirikshak : The necessary qualification for Project Coordinator would be Bachelor/Master Degree in Social Work with at least 1-year experience in working health/reproductive health and nutrition program. (age 18 year to 45 year).
Panchayat Center Teacher : The necessary qualification for the position would be Maitric/Inter/Bachelor. (age 18 year to 40 year).
Project Duration : Starting from 2015 to 2050.
Teaching Syllabus :(T & C apply in)
Part - A : Language Math numbers rude, social science, Health Education, Physical Education, Sanskar, Craft & Swablamban.
Part - B : Conversation, Story, Song, Physical game, Pictures discussion / visual discussion, sound word, language games, graphs.
Part - C : Rude modesty, math games, math materials, the simple use of science, nature, philosophy, springtime activities, games within the classroom, Courtesy / Citizenship the sanskar, English practice of trying to understand, recognize common Sedan
Teacher Working Syllabus : (T & C apply in)
Sunday : Every Sunday, according to the syllabus taught in school is to presenting (Time : 12 am to 3 pm).
Monday : Weekly Holiday
Tuesday : The teacher will sell organizations (Natural seeds Pan, Pencil & Others)
Wednesday : The teacher will sell organization's product (Natural seeds Pen & Pencil & Others product)
Thursday : The teacher will sell organization's product (Natural seeds Pen & Pencil & Others product)
Friday : The teacher will sell organizations (Natural seeds Pan & Pencil & Others)
Saturday : Meeting will be held for discussion of the proggramme

Joining Syllabus : (T & C apply in)
1. Application
2. Application verification
3. The applicant online counselling (merit base, experience based, data verification based & test exam based.
4. Interview & discipline check.
5. Educational & residential certificate check through related organization.
6. The application to complete form necessary.
7. In response to complete (outdoor & Indoor) training system.
8. Selected applicant must be given one thousand stamp papers for Agreement.
9. If pass all the above process then you get appointment.
10. Appointment letter delivery.
11. Work Start
Project Team Provide : (T & C apply in)
1. DCN, PKT with posts will be responsible for the smooth operation of center institution responsible for the success of the plan Rozgarmukhi, Vikashmukhi and persons appointed to these posts allowance of some sort, such as DA, housing and office allowance, medical allowance, travelling allowance, center space rental, mobile and internet Training cost, meetings and expenses shall not be payable etc.
2. DCN, PKT will be given training three-year efficiency per check and then be successful in increasing the amount. every 10 days above absent from every three months then your amount will cut from wages. If you submitt medical & other resion report your wages will not be cut. Dues payable over the sisteen-days progress report is given necessary
3. All the rigth Reserves to H.D.P.O.
Note : All disputes are subject to gaya, bihar jurisdiction only (T & C apply in)